Cake Boss Italian Rum Cake

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An irresistible flavored coffee inspired by the buttery sweetness and smooth rum syrup of Buddy's signature sponge cake.

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    This review has voices!

    Posted by Howard Wilson II on 5th Dec 2014

    When reading this review, please do the correct voices in your mind. The two voices are the Kool-Aid Man, and Droopy the sad dog.

    Cake Boss Vanilla Buttercream: Oh Yeah!

    Cake Boss Chocolate Cannoli: Oh Yeah!

    Cake Boss Raspberry Truffle: Oh Yeah!

    Cake Boss Italian Rum Cake: Meh.

    Just wasn't feeling it on this flavor. I did detect traces of rum flavor, it just...wasn't that good I guess. Each sip of the others listed above made me look forward to the next sip. This one made me look forward to the bottom of the mug. I'm torn between giving two stars and three, and ultimately I chose three. Maybe you'll like the flavor more, and the flavor WAS there.